Paris Diderot University

Consistently ranked as one of France’s best universities, Paris Diderot University was established in 1970, after the splitting of the Sorbonne. Located next to the French National Library, Paris Diderot is a multidisciplinary university comprising 28,000 students.

Logo Paris Diderot University

Its research strengths include Area Studies (Far Eastern Asia, Anglophone Worlds), Psychoanalysis, Mathematics (Arturo Avila, 2014 Fields Medal), Astrophysics (it contributed to establishing the existence of gravitational waves in 2016), Biology (bioinformatics, genetics) and Medicine (Jean Dausset, Nobel Prize in 1980).

Paris Diderot has pledged itself to be a leader in public engagement; its community is frequently approached by the French government for its expertise in social and political issues.

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